‘Brianna excels as a highly valued member of our faculty and is fast becoming the final word on smart, stylish tap. Professional, charming and talented as all hell, there is a good reason that she is in demand at home and around the world. Combining her unique, lightning style with flawless technique, she has that effortless ability to set any stage or studio alight.’

Brianna Taylor is next level in every way.

– Kelly Aykers

‘As someone who taught Brianna when she was a child, I am thrilled and impressed with the passion and commitment Brianna shows to her tapping now that she is a professional tapper, teacher and performer herself. She is always pushing the limits and boundaries when it comes to tap. Constantly discovering and perfecting new steps and giving them her own unique flavour. Her technique, rhythm, style and enthusiasm are second to none. She is quite simply a breath of fresh air on the Aussie tap scene. Brianna is a shining light in Australian tapping and a true force to be reckoned with not only here – but overseas. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Brianna in years to come and I feel happy in the knowledge that the passion I have had for tap for the past 25 years has been passed to the most safe and capable hands – or rather feet, as the next generation takes the lead. Brianna Taylor is Australia’s next generation of tap. Stylish, sassy and gorgeous!’

– Christine Denny / Director / Tapatak OZ

‘Brianna exemplifies girl power! She exudes confidence and power in her attack and technique while balancing it all with a beautiful finesse!’

– Chloe Arnold / Founder of Syncopated Ladies / Producer / Tap World Movie

‘As a tap artist and performer Brianna is a knockout! It’s a pleasure having her on board as a member of Rhythm Tap Melbourne. It’s a joy to watch her develop into one of Australia’s contemporary tap dancers of the future.’

– Grant Swift / Director / Rhythm Tap Melbourne

‘Brianna brings her positive energy and bubbly personality to every class, always encouraging us to push our limits, break down barriers and aim higher. Her love for tap dancing has taught me so much over the years and has continued to inspire me throughout my dance career.’

– Sarah King /  PSA Graduate / Professional Dancer

‘I cannot describe how much Brianna has inspired and encouraged me with my tapping! Her passion for tap dancing and positive energy she brings to the class is remarkable. She has not only taught me how to tap in a new and creative way, but she has also taught me to believe in myself!’
– Olivia Di Sisto / PSA Elite Academy Student